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The old streets of Tarnovo Yantra river
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The Tzarevetz castle complex
Veliko Tarnovo
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Plovdiv - the city of many names
Map of Bulgaria

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The country's second largest city, PLOVDIV is one of its most attractive and vibrant centres, and arguably has more to recommend it than Sofia. The old town embodies Plovdiv's long history - Thracian fortifications subsumed by Macedonian masonry, overlaid with Byzantine walls and by great timber-framed mansions erected during the Bulgarian renaissance, symbolically looking down upon the derelict Ottoman mosques and artisans' dwellings of the lower town.
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(161159 bytes) (136402 bytes) An old
house in Koprivstica
Pliska - the ancient capital of Bulgaria
Nesebar Koprivstica - untouched by the time
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Silence covers the ancient narrow rock paved streets, keeping the spirit of the past.
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The village school
Koprivstica Before America existed these villages were here DEVIN - the old passage
Learn more about the Bulgarian national revival houses
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