A Concise History of Bulgaria

For the increasing number of western travellers who visit Bulgaria either on holiday or on business, this is the ideal introduction to the country's fascinating past. The rich and dramatic story of the Bulgarians is traced from medieval times through Ottoman rule and the cultural flowering of the nineteenth century to the turbulent years of the twentieth century. The story is told in straightforward, non-academic style, and is the only compact, illustrated history of Bulgaria in the English language.
Slice of culture 3,000 years thick

WHO WERE THE PEOPLE who first settled the land of present-day
They are known only by their works. Many scholars believe
they migrated from nearby Greece and Asia Minor; by
6000 B.C. they were scattered in small settlements
across the Balkan region.

They arrived as Stone Age farmers, but before their culture
changed again after 3000 B.C., their accomplishments
had carried southeastern Europe into the age of
metal. Perhaps as early as 5000 B.C. they began
to develop the skill, of smelting and casting copper,
uninfluenced, the author believes, by earlier
metalworking technology in the Near East.

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Ancient Bulgaria’s Golden Treasures

THE WORLD’S oldest treasure of gold was not disco-
vered  in Sumer or Egypt, homes of the earliest known civili-
zations,  the obvious places to expect such a momentous
discovery.  Nor did it come from pre-Columbian America,
famous for the rich gold finds in Peru and Colombia.

It was uncovered, much to everyone’s astonishment,
in northeastern Bulgaria, near the attractive modern city
of Varna, and it may well be more than 6,000 years old.

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This is the first book that captures the unique culture of Thrace through extensive photographs of ancient treasures from museums throughout Bulgaria. All photographs are accompanied with captions providing a wealth of information about the objects as well as info in which museums they can be seen. The preface details the history, culture, and religion of Thrace, and it's filled with fascinating facts. It gives the reader a deeper understanding of the political and cultural complexity of the ancient world and the relationships among Thracians, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, etc. There is a timetable at the end that conveniently displays the various periods in the development of Thrace parallel to famous world events.
The Bulgarian Contribution to the World Cultural Heritage
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The Ancient art In Bulgarian Lands
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