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Read the tale "Gora" by Nikolai Haitov
(in Bulgarian)
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Read the tale "Summer time Dream"
by Nikolai Haitov
(in Bulgarian)

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Beauties along the Iskur Gorge
Learn more about the monasteries situated there.
HARA -- the hidden paradise
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The Forest house The Tree house The Old house. Everything you see is rustic, handmade, without electricity or special tools.
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... the furniture and the table are made by hand The River
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A bird view at the river   On the way to Hara -- The hidden path A view from The hidden path
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Hara at dawn Golden autumn Gosho the Bull will welcome you  
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Hara in the fall  Field of flowers Hidden beach at the river The breathtaking look at the endless sea of green brings a sense of freedom.
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A messenger A blossoming pea Happy gardener Fresh organic vegetables right from the garden
Click here to hear "Forest echoes" played and composed by Ludmil Egov.
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